What Is Web Designing?

You may have seen the different designs of the websites. Whenever you visit a website, when you look at the design of the website, you see the design, contents and the decoration of the website, it depends on how it was designed and presented.

Today we will discuss What is web designing. If you have knowledge of the computer, you will definitely know a little bit of web design, where it begins.

If you want to earn money online by becoming a web designer. So you are very important to have the knowledge of web design because without it you cannot earn money by Internet through becoming web designer. Visit frequently when people see the design of a website well. thereby increasing the chance of earning money. If you have to know about Web design, you can read this blog.

What Is Web Designing

Creating websites on the internet is like building a home as we buy the first land to build a home the same way we buy hosting before we build our website, then we design the website like a map of a home. And given the map, we build a full-house website, and it’s called Web designing itself. Websites come in 2 types

Web designing consists of two parts as I explained the first design that we designed the front end, and then looking at the design will create the entire website, so it’s both different in the way that the coding is called the baked and designing. Both of them have different jobs that are given below.

Front End Web Designing

As the name suggests, the first end Web design is the design of the front. The work of front and design is the same as we make it beautiful by colour outside of the home. It is kept in mind about where to put on so that the incoming user doesn’t have much trouble finding the content.


You have seen a flowering plant in which the flower reflects the beauty. The same flower we can value in front-end Web designing and the bottom of which is the stem we can value the buck and Web designing. Back End Web design as a foundation for any website.

This designing is not visible to the user but is the biggest hand in creating a website. With back-end designing, the website owner can stop a variety of things so you don’t have to open that thing.To become a web designer, you need to be design both Front End and Back End For this, we’re telling you what programs you need to learn so that you can become a good web designer.

What Is Front End In Web Designing

For front-end Web design, you need to have a basic course of Photoshop. So you can create a design of any website. Then you need to learn the HTML (Hypertext markup language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). So you can create a design for any website. It is a computer language which designs the website through code.

After learning HTML, you try to learn CSS. HTML works to create a Design for our website, and CSS works to make our same beautify structure in design. You can then start learning the programming of JavaScript.  JavaScript is designed so that any action can be captured. As you click an icon or button by going to a website and you’re shown new content, the work is JavaScript.

Basically, JavaScript is a client-side programming language. It’s used for action based work.

What Is Back End In Web Designing

As we have told you before, what is the work of back-end Web designing. On the same basis, we’re telling you a few programs below that you can do by designing a back-end Web.The simple language for this is PHP language, so you can do this in web designing and other languages, but PHP is the simple language. Facebook is also built into PHP language.

You can also learn database language like SQL/PLSQL and database MYSQL if you want to use high language from this. This type of language can now store anyone’s data, so you can save data in PHP as well. So there are two languages you can do to design a back-end Web.

Web Designer

If you learn to design front end and back end, you will become a web designer at a good level. And you can earn good money sitting home or apply for jobs even in a company. The Web Designer is very much needed in the coming time because the entire work is gradually becoming limited to the Internet. You need to do a little effort. If you work correctly, you can make good money in this.

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