My Top Recommendations for online SEO in 2021

✋🏼 Web vitals and speed
Google score for web vitals becomes a ranking factor. Many people think that good speed is enough, but this is not true in 2021. Now, you must care about methods of caching, how your files are loaded, how your images are loaded and cropped, what you show on the first screen.
We found that dynamic content on top of the page (item carousel, sliders) reduced scores a lot even if the site is fast.
We updated our special tutorial. Go to and search for “web vitals”
📶 Mobile-first
In 2021 you should care ONLY how the site is working on mobiles. Take attention, that mobile has only 360px width. So, stop using this popup, floating 20 social buttons on side of the site, browser notice for updates from one signal, sticky banners, and subscription floating forms for mobiles. If the user wants to subscribe, he will find your social icon on the site. If you use floating elements, use only those which have a sense. For example, a button to add to the cart. Check our product demos on, to see how elements are working differently on mobiles and desktop
📎 Content
Long content is working better now. Much better than before. Google announces passage as a ranking factor. It means that it will divide the long page into a logical section. Each logical section has a chance to be ranked on top of Google.
That’s why we spent a lot of time making special blocks and post layouts, like an auto-generated table of contents, Color, and review heading blocks which divide pages into logical parts. Check demo for inspiration
🖼️ Content formatting
Year, baby. Now it matters. Start using a different kind of content. Not just text and images, but also tables, good formatted blockquotes, charts and diagrams, faq accordions. This gives a chance to get a featured snippet in google
🔗 Trustable external links
Now, it’s not only important to get links on your sites, but it’s also important to add links in the content to trustable sites. This can have a huge impact on affiliate links with redirect like in all affiliate networks. Because they use links like…. So all links will go to the affiliate network first, then redirect to the original site.
You think that link cloaking will help. No, they don’t. Search spiders can read redirects now.
So, direct affiliate programs from shops and links like is better
🎥 Video grows
If you didn’t make any videos yet, start to do it. If you don’t know which video to make, do tutorials on how to do something. But here is another problem. Youtube loads a lot of scripts which reduces google’s score for web vitals. For our products, we are working on a smart Gutenberg video block that will load video only on click and will have proper video shema. Will be introduced in the Rehub theme exclusively. if your other themes, try to find such a plugin. We will make a separate plugin for this later so you can use it on any theme
💥 Seo tips still work
Adding SEO keywords in the title, adding numbers in the title, making the first paragraph as SEO optimized
😁 Page hubs have good traffic
What is the page or product hub? Imagine that you have several products, one main product, several accessories, several cross-sells. Why do not make a separate page with great designs and describe products? This is usually called Lookbook. Another example, you have many articles about solutions for separate questions. You can create a page where you can group these questions into one big niche.
💪 Focus on something one
Everything becomes more complex and more competitive. It’s simply not possible to cover everything. So, concentrate on something more bigger and important. If you have more traffic on social media, concentrate on it. Get your goal, then, you can try other sources.
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