Static and Dynamic Websites Difference has given me the opportunity to develop a website.

What Is Webpage & Website?

The first thing to do is to get a webpage; Webpage has the documents that are displayed on the browser. This document has been embedded in videos, audio, image, text.


The website has a collection of WebPages. In WebPages, you have been connecting with different ways, which are used to hyperlink.

Websites Come In 2 Types

  1. Static Websites Designing
  2. Dynamic Websites Designing

What Is The Static Website/ Webpage?

WebPages of the static website contain Static text. Static websites can’t use a database. i.e Website not connected with any of database to store data. All test data store in HTML format only.
Simple HTML and CSS use to design a static website.


The Static use for…
1. Personal Blog / Website:
2. Small shop/office Websites:

Dynamic WebPages And Websites:

Dynamic Websites PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, C++, Python, Ruby is a programming language design.
Dynamic websites use a database. The output of the user’s input has been provided.

E-commerce sites:
Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Difference Between Static & Dynamic Websites:

  1. Create a static website that allows you to create a dynamic website that has a lot of complexity.
  2. Static website has data, pages fixed. Dynamic websites are the only pages that change pages.
  3. Static website is fast loading, as compared with dynamic.
  4. Static website does not use any database, dynamic websites  access the database.