How to Start an Online Business in India

So you want to start an online business in India.

But I will suggest you think again. And ask yourself who you are or what skills you already have and what kind of person you are. You must be having some skills.


You may be good at talking so you may be good at sales.

If you having good knowledge of internet you can sale thing online. If you have dedicated your 2 or 3 years to any industry like footwear you can start selling footwear online.

But the problem is you may be not finding a business to pursue, you may be searching a guarantee of success. And that my friend no one can give.

Are you searching a business or you are searching a business that will give you 100% Profit…

You might be laughing at me. Cause you read many suggestions like start blogging or digital marketing business or start selling on amazon but be true to my words you can do everything and at the same time, you cannot do anything. Means it is not about it will work or not rather it is about will what you do when things not work.

Can you make things right?

Can you find the error?

Can you accept your mistakes?

Can you tell your team? yes, I was wrong. But now we will do things differently.

No matter what business you start you will see 2 things one is opportunities another is downfalls. Now at that time, you will be in a dilemma. Ok, what I should do. Should I stick to my resolution that this time I will hold my breath to one thing or should I take the risk and try every opportunity. Cause after 30 years you will be dead. So you are more confused now than you were before reading this blog post.

Let me answer your first question first.

How to start online business in India

  1. Find a business that you are good at.
  2. Give it a unique name, book domain if possible.
  3. Do whatever you know in any area but make good portfolio early as possible.
  4. Never sale things that do not work.
  5. Take customer testimonials and have a good connection.
  6. Make a decent website for it, by the way, we also make websites.
  7. Do not make things fixed in starting like pricing and all. Try to understand the customer requirement. Make your offer win-win.
  8. All in all, make things that are great in value & best in price.
  9. Want to go long run, search what is SEO and how you can get more traffic, paid or organic because only having a website is like having a resort in the desert. You have to do digital marketing for your website.
  10. Collect emails. Keep in connection with your existing customers and keep mailing your prospected customer what you have done.
  11. Keep finding things that you can sell to your existing customers.
  12. After some time you will be having some reputation in the market, so make a good connection even with competitors. Think like this you cannot go up without delegating. Collaboration is the key to keep moving forward. 
  13. Keep in connection with those who are helping you, cause that make your journey worth walking. I want you to be happy when you cross 40. Only money cannot satisfy you.
  14. Never judge your work as incomplete, you are not in this world to make something utterly perfect. Cause you are searching How to start an online business in India, you are not searching how to die just making a perfect dish that you will eat just before you die.
  15. Do whatever you can but try to balance time, quality & Quantity. Your customer will not like a pizza that they asked in the morning and you are serving the world best pizza at night. 
  16. Have a good team, keep appreciating them.  

Well if you want to do good business online. You must have strong offline pillars. So you should need to understand customer problems.