How to Grow Business Online in India

So you started a business in India and now you want to grow your business online in India. Cool, But everyone wants the same thing. Every tea seller see dreams of having a website and customer will order tea on his website and his team will deliver. After some time he will have a franchise model and now he will be the dream founder.

Hmm… you are confused. My question is simple.

What is the difference in you and in these people? All want to have a website, all can hire a digital marketing agency and grow their sales. All can tell their agency lets tie up you grow with us. Take 10% on conversion.

Problem is not in growing business online. Problem is to grow online with a vision to balance Agency Cost, Flow of Leads, Follow up of Lead, Satisfaction of customer, the appointment of the team members who can seriously make sure things go in the right direction. Cause you cannot manage everything sometimes. So the question is

Do you have someone who can seriously make sure things are going in the right direction?

Hmm… This is tricky. You came here to find out How to grow business online in India. Now you are reading do you have a team member who can either manage a digital marketing agency or someone who can hire and manage an in-house team of digital marketing domain. Anyway, let me first help you with your question.

How to grow business online in India – Checklist

I will write a different blog post for every title. Remember money can buy anything, but you need not buy everything, you are a seller, don’t become just a buyer while planning to become a good seller. So here is the checklist

  1. Recognition of Business Model – B2B, B2C, Manufacturer, Franchise
  2. Recognition of your the big Competitor – Olx, Uber, Amazon
  3. Logo, Brand Name Revamp Requirements
  4. Decent / Engaging Website / E-Commerce Website,
  5. Investment for Web hosting, CRM, SSL, Gsuite
  6. Lead Funnel Analysis
  7. Website Traffic Analysis
  8. Making Digital Brand Strategy
  9. Target Audience Planning & Prospect Search
  10. Digital Activities Follow up Calendar Creation
  11. Digital Expenditure aka budget & Responsibility Finalization
  12. Search Ads – Pay Per Click & Impression Optimization – PPC
  13. Search Engine Optimization – SEO – On-page & Off-page
  14. Social Media Optimization – SMO
  15. Social Media Marketing – SMM
  16. Search Engine Marketing – SEM
  17. Social Media Alignment
  18. Onsite & Offsite Promotion
  19. Cross-Platform Re-targeting
  20. Listing with Local Aggregator in India
  21. Promotion within the Local Aggregator in India
  22. Google Map Marketing
  23. Video Production & Promotion, YouTube Video, Explainer Video, Promotion Video, Company Profile Video Creation
  24. Image Planning on Google Search
  25. Web hosting Follow up
  26. Mobile Marketing
  27. App Marketing
  28. Case Study, Jingle Marketing, Character Marketing
  29. Content Marketing
  30. Testing Infographic, PowerPoint, Podcast, Microsites
  31. Influencer Marketing
  32. Domain Authority & Keyword Authority Analysis
  33. Keyword finalization & Keyword Addition
  34. Email List Building
  35. Portfolio Sharing
  36. Lead Magnate Activated
  37. The flow of Lead Generation
  38. CRM for Leads Allotment
  39. Local Listing Optimized
  40. Online Reputation Management
  41. Link Building or Back Links
  42. Portfolio Development
  43. Website Enhancement Analysis
  44. Content Creation Calendar Analysis
  45. Price Standardization
  46. Price Experiments
  47. Discount Planning
  48. Ad Implementation and revamp planning
  49. Conversion Tracking, CPC, CPA, ROI Optimization
  50. Follow up with Design & Content Team
  51. Different Kind of Touch in Creatives like Emotional, Interest, Informative
  52. Alignment of Future Goals with Short term achievements
  53. Conversion based Marketing & Ties up with Agencies
  54. Hashtag Push & Experiment on YouTube, Instagram and other Social Media handles
  55. Messaging Prospect One to One Ping via Digital Medium Like LinkedIn
  56. Competitor Research Analysis
  57. Reviews Marketing
  58. Affiliate Marketing
  59. Wifi Marketing Possibilities
  60. Digital Holdings & Area Testing with Online Marketing
  61. Social Activities & Reputation
  62. Public Relation, Vlogs
  63. Balance Customer feedback – Delivery, Time, Quantity & Quality
  64. Cost-Effective Digital Banner Investment in Blogs & Website
  65. Web Design, App Development
  66. Augmented Reality Marketing
  67. High buzz around your brand
  68. Seeding Trial Marketing
  69. Give Away – Sample Distribution & Alignment with Organic Sharing
  70. Scatter Content Across the Internet
  71. Testing Viral Marketing side by side of Long term planning
  72. Testing with bulk SMS
  73. Digital Webinar, Events, Contest, Q & A Session
  74. Video Collaboration
  75. Analyzing & Reporting
  76. Engagement Planning of Few Post
  77. Positioning & Digital Visibility
  78. Balance Digital Platform & Placement of Ads & their Result
  79. Re-targeting & Re-marketing
  80. Balance Branding & Lead Generation
  81. Balance Right Digital Marketing Mix as per your budget
  82. Testing Referrals, Live streaming, MLM Model Testing
  83. Double Domain Strategy
  84. Connect with Expert, Journalist, Blogger, Speaker, Writer, Vlogger, Activist in Your Industry,
  85. Test Story Telling, 3D Animated Videos, Buyer’s Journey
  86. Build Community, Support Customer in Achieving their end goal
  87. Idea Sharing & Feedback Entry Mechanism for Inside Team, Visitors & Customer
  88. Word of Mouth Strategic Implementation – Achieved through Value in Services & Products, Relationship your employee aka your brand makes with them
  89. Use of Digital Tools – Google Trends., Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs. SimilarWeb, Buzzsumo. FB Audience Insights for marketing & Canva, Illustrator for creating cost effective post & infographic.
  90. Use of Digital License – Adobe Creative, Envato Elements, Freepik, Pixabay

Stay connected, I will be adding more. And i will be writing in detail for every point. And Checklist is not enough you need to implement as well.